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Kavaliera Karaļa Čārlza Spaniels lēcienā, Latvija

Kavaliera Karaļa Čārlza Spaniels lēcienā

The breed is highly affectionate, playful, extremely patient and happy to please her owner.  As such, dogs of the breed are good with children and other dogs. Something about this breed can soothe, comfort, console – and totally entertain all at the same time!! I love all dogs but these are just waaay special.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are not shy about socializing with larger dogs an d with smaller dogs because they are not aggressive at all! . They will adapt quickly to almost any situation, family, and location. Their ability to bond with larger and smaller dogs makes them ideal in houses with more than one breed of dog as long as the other dog is trained. The breed is great companion with people of all ages, from children to seniors, making them a very versatile dog. Cavaliers rank 44th in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, being of average intelligence in working or obedience. Cavaliers are naturally curious and playful, but also enjoy simply cuddling up on a cushion or lap. They are happy in any situation I would say they wag her tail all time!

Cavaliers are active and sporting. They have an instinct to chase most things that move including vehicles on busy streets, and so most Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will never become “street-wise”. As they tend to regard all strangers as friends, Cavalier are NOT guard dogs. Spaniels have a strong hunting instinct and may endanger birds and small animals. However, owners have reported that through training their Cavaliers live happily with a variety of small animals including hamsters and gerbils.

Maximum enjoyment!

In our country, Latvia, these pretty dogs only started to get popularity. The coat is silky and smooth, ayes are round and sweet they will steal your heart immediately!  The look is breath taking !

 In the “Royal Flash” web page you will find a friend for yourself for long years. These small toy dogs are living for a long time, therefore choose a little friend very carefully!

King Charles Cavalier are  a miniature Spaniel, elegant Royal dog from England. More information about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels  breed, breed history and other interesting facts you will find in info !

The price of  Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies is adequate to the quality of each of the  Spaniel.  More information about puppies you can find in the section “Puppies

Also, if you are looking for a pair to your King Charles Cavalier bitch, the best cavalier you will find here!